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How to help the Twatasha foundation?

The Twatasha foundation again faces the challenge to help raise the money needed for the materials of the new school and adjacent buildings. This is a big effort, but it is definitely worth it! That is why we want to make an appeal to you to support the Twatasha foundation. Your contribution will make it possible for children to go to school. The children of Zambia will have a better future and as we all know, children are the future! We ask YOU to support the Twatasha foundation.

Curious children, children who are eager to learn, children who want to take a step forward in their life, but who do not have the opportunity to realize this. That is why your contribution is important. You will help people, not only at regional level but you will also support building a country!

De foundation is ANBI approved and donations are deductable from the Dutch incometax.


When you are interester in sponsoring the school transfer then your amount to the Twatasha Stichting at Oss. Bankaccount NL36 RABO 0312 0636 36. BIC code RABONL2U.

Twatasha is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 39076870.
RSIN/Fiscalnumber 813703074