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November 2010


In November, the combined container arrived in Lusaka. For the Twatasha children the biological material was shipped. We received the torso and other parts from Paul van Tilburg and his students of the Dr. Knippenberg Vakcollege in Helmond. The photo shows the handover of the materiaal.
The kids are happy.









September 2010

Einte Elsinga, the chairman of our foundation run on the Sunday, September 26 the Berlin marathon.
Over 42.2 km through a rainy Berlin from East to West, he set an excellent performance of 30.03.27
The photo shows a proud chairman his medal against the backdrop of historic Berlin. On his shirt the logo of MSD. The company that sponsored him with a nice amount for the Twatasha Foundation .

Einte thanks.




Augustus 2010

Bezoek Einte

Our holiday began this summer with a visit to our family in Zambia. Angelique and Watze are running a company with the name Enviro-flor around Lusaka. On their Kasondi location the second Twatasha school is build with the help of the Dutch Foundation Twatasha and put into use this spring. With much help from the donors the school is solid, functional and very cheerful. I saw a.o. excelent lighting, sound boxes and working computers in the spacious classrooms. The students and teachers are content. Tamara, the teacher which started the school in an temporary building and is very proud of the new building showed us with great enthusiasm the school. The newly acquired teaching and learning material was neatly arranged on shelves while attending children, with happy faces, were playing with the, from the Netherlands sent, puzzles, blocks, cars, trains and dolls, etc. For my wife Antoinette, she is a teacher herself, it was a treat to see the children and teachers play with such enthusiasm. As chairman of the Dutch Foundation Twatasha I've seen that a lot of good work has been done. All children are entitled to quality education and thus a better future. Continue to help us in our work.

Antoinette and Einte Elsinga

Januari 2010

On January 6th we received the examination results of grade 7 students. We have never achieved a score of 800 or more in all the years of the examination is conducted is enthusiastically reported. This time 2 of the top 43 exams scored 800. Our school is located in the Chongwe district. Our director, Ms. Yuyi went to School district office and have seen all the exam results hanging on the noticeboard of the office. She could see that our school is the best in our district. (60 schools with a class grade 7). 800 or more points give access to the best boarding schools that offer secondary education. You then belongs to the smart guys. The list shows the results of our four best students.

Twatasha Community Basic School
2020 Grade 8 Selection
S/NO Examination number Name Sex Score
1 2992740038 Simwenwa Margaret F 812
2 2992740043 Zulu Nyambe M 806
3 2992740022 Moyo Sibongile F 783
4 2992740020 Mulenga Mulenga M 771


Zuyderzee College LOGO

This year the proceeds from the end of year activities of the Zuyderzee College in Emmeloord will go to the Twatasha foundation. You can read about it in the digital newsletter of the College Zuyderzee.

On January 7, 2010, the Winter Fair is at the Lemmer location of the ZZC. (Resceduled due to impassable roads on December 17)

December 2009

Another year flew by
The school at Kasondi is completed.  We currently have 94 children at the school Kasondi, Tamara our qualified teacher teaches with her assistant. They do so in shifts and start at a quarter to 7 in the morning. They use one of the 3 rooms in use, sometimes 2. We now wait for the other teachers of the Ministry of Education, so we can soon provide education to more classes. The houses are completely finished for 2 teachers. The district of the Ministry together with the new teachers came to see the school and the homes and hopefully we can start at the beginning of the new school year in January 2010. In the container we have beautiful computers sent and received Jesse, our third son, has installed them in one of the clasrooms on the new tables and gives a group of about 10 children computer lessons. The lessons continue this holiday, because Tamara has created a holiday program. A lot of creativity, but also computer lessons from Jesse. There has been tremendous intrest for the lessons. Tamara also participates and we hope they will have soon enough knowledge to teach the children how to use the computer. What is so ordinary to us, is for these children a new "world".
The abacus and the puzzles and educational games are entirely new and are widely used. The last 4 houses for the teachers are almost finnished and we hope can be used shortly. On the Twatasha School Grade 7 and Grade 9 had their exams. That was not possible on our school, there are some schools designated by the Department who are allowed to take the exams. And so we had 46 school desks on the truck to a approved school, 12 km away. The director had with the parents rented a van and brought the children into groups for the school exam. The test lasted 9 days. We have no result yet, it comes next year, and we will mention same on the website. In the meantime we have requested if our school will be designated a ecam school next year.
We want to thank everyone for the financial help we receive to build the school, the computers, games, reading books etc.
We hope that the Kasondi school next year will be officially opened by the Dutch Ambassador!
From a warm and sunny and green Zambia, Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2010,

Angelique Elsinga
Boardmember Twatasha Community Trust.

October 2009

Meanwhile, the computers, tables and cabinets arrived. These are made available by ROC Mondriaan in The Hague. The container contained also sturdy latches and door hinges, the light boxes, electrical panels, sinks and so much more that has been offered by Concordia and Gamma.

Container uitladen Container uitladen

Computer lessons

Jesse, a student of the International School has unpacked the computers and installed them in a classroom. They all functioned. He is further very good at teaching!

Instructie Jesse voor de klas Vol aandacht

Lusaka, september 2009

WE SUCCEEDED: The school has been finished in July and then painted in bright colors.

School klaar1

For each teacher from the Zambian government provides, the school has to provide them a house.

Schoolklaar 2

On September 6, the first students entered the school day for classes. In a few months also the two other teachers living quarters are ready so at the start of the new school year - January 2010 - in three classrooms lesson will be given daily to 300 students, the substructure in the morning and the superstructure in the afternoon.

April 2009

March 2009

Teaching experience at the Twatasha Community School;
an unforgettable and instructive experience.

We are Marije, Tjarda and Simone and we are in the third year of the Roman Catholic Primary Teacher Training College in Zwolle (The Netherlands). From the end of January until the beginning of April we practiced our teaching as trainees at the Twatasha Community School in Lusaka, Zambia. Teaching in Zambia is different from our Dutch teaching experiences: classes with many pupils, a lot of differences in levels and age, little materials and a different way of teaching. We all had our own class/ grade which we had to teach together with one of the teachers. Marije grade 1 & 6), Tjarda grade 2 & 4 and Simone grade 2 and 5. Beside this we also gave extra English lessons to small groups of children.

We tried a lot of things in our classes, especially with English and Mathematics because this are the domains with the most learning problems. Every time it was a challenge to involve the pupils in different ways to learn them something new. We developed our creativity and we became inventive. It was very nice to see how enthusiastic the pupils reacted at our activities. What was very self-evident for us, was very special for the children. The pupils never did mathematics games in a circuit. The smile of children made it possible for us to teach with a smile.

It was very nice that Ms. Yuyi (the school principle) gave us space to put our ideas into practice. Most of the teachers asked us questions and that is how we learned from each other. Sometimes is was difficult to explain certain ideas because Zambian teachers sometimes do not have certain knowledge because their training is much shorter than the training we get in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately we finished our teaching practice in Zambia and we need to go back to Holland. We experienced this period as very pleasant and we learned a lot. We did not regret our decision to practice our teaching at the Twatasha Community School and we will never forget it.

We would like to thank the Twatasha foundation for the chance they gave us to for this great experience.

Simone, Marijne, Tjarda.

Lusaka January 2009,

In early 2008, there was a high demand for cement due to the building of several football stadiums for the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. There was a huge shortage of cement on the Zambian market for their own building and construction plans. In the meantime they have made most of the hydra form bricks for the school and the six teacher houses. So far we are up till roof level. At the moment, January 2009, we are waiting for the steel (used to put the roofing sheets on top) from Sonar International. We have also started at the same time with the first two teacher houses. The foundation is ready for the other four teacher houses, but priority has the school as we are still aiming to be open in May 2009.

The results of our grade 7 pupils were the highest in the region. From the 50 pupils 48 passed their exams. This year our Twatasha Community School has more than 600 pupils and for the first time we have a grade 9.

Also new is our library set-up in the community hall. Each class will visit the library once a week. In the mean time, the Kasondi School (the small building is only an emergency solution) has 74 pupils, and they made a holiday program with sport, reading and creativity activities in December.

At the end of January, we will have three students from PABO Zwolle (the Netherlands) for three months to assist our school were possible and we hope we can learn from each other. We will inform you later about their experiences in Zambia.

Saturday the 24th of January the Twatasha Community School and the community hall had a visit from the Dutch Ambassador and his wife. A report of this visit will follow soon.