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A new challenge…The building of a second school

Kasondi is a village 15 km outside Lusaka where the foundation with the help of members of her local Trust provides financial assistance in the procurement of building materials and help to build a new elementary school and the associated housing for the teachers. From a temporary building, where soon 25 children where attending, we got to work to build a permanent school . End July '09, there were 3 classrooms, a library and a small office ready. Everything was then in bright colors, painted. While the finishing touches were put to the construction of first two teachers houses, Tamara, our graduate teacher who lives in the village and has taught in the temporary building, moved into her new school on September 6 with the first students. Before the start of the new school year, the other four teachers houses will be ready. At the start of the new school year, in January 2010 daily will be taught in three classrooms at an estimated 300 students in 2 shifts. The lower grade's in the morning, the students of the higher grades's in the afternoon.

Now the first rooms are in use, we focus now on the issue of sustainable education in both schools.
· In consultation and collaboration with the teachers of both schools of Twatasha Community School Trust, we are engaged in the acquisition of new and the replacement of very old textbooks. Our aim is one textbook per two pupils (it is often at 4 to 5 pupils per textbook)
· We are a foundation that brings sustainable development. ie we purchase if possible all lessons and teaching materials in Zambia. Sometimes articles are awful expensive to buy in Zambia and it is cheaper with the help of good principals - the free of charge- computers, tables and chairs for computer education which also ensure a good sitting position, to ship to Zambia. We succeeded to find a reasonably priced supplier of shared container space. The computers where tested and English-language software was installed. Craft materials where purchased (colored paper, and prick feltmats and pens, folding papers - children's scissors, plastic cars, Lego-duplo). And from friends, acquaintances and our good-minded companies, we got solid door handles and locks, sinks for much-needed hygiene. We manages to put many useful things in a few M3. Apart from a good school we like to be also a nice school. We are in consultation on how to development more sports activities. We think of climbing frames, a few swings, a seesaw and if possible a beautiful lawn for ball games.

For the new school year we provide financial assistance in starting and later carrying out the project Thobwa, in the Netherlands, similar to a school milk project. The students get three times a week this drink during the 36 school weeks
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