Twatasha Logo Background

Building of a primary school

With the help of the Twatasha foundation there was a primary school built nearby the Great East Road. The school, with the name Twatasha School, provides education to those children who in the past did not have the means or opportunity to go to school. The school is a big success and receives lots of positive reactions from the local people.
The results of the exams of grade 7 are the highest of the district for three years in row. Nowadays the school has 600 pupils from nursery/reception up to grade 9 coming from all around the neighbourhood. Adults are also making use of the school by following evening classes.


Building of the community hall

With the building of the community hall at the beginning of 2006, the children were given the opportunity to enjoy after-school child care and holiday activities. The community hall is also being used for several other purposes, such as day care for little children, church services, sport activities and as a place for adults to relax. The realisation of a library for adults and children this year was a great success.
The ladies who are in charge of the community hall are also trained to be librarians. They get help from the older pupils at the Twatasha Community School. We would like to thank the American International School in Lusaka, Biblionef and Room 2 Read for the books, chairs and tables we received for the library.