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The Twatasha Foundation

The Twatasha foundation was established in 2001 to support a local rural community near Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. The foundation focuses on creating educational and community services, with emphasis on providing sustainable education, the Foundation works closely with the "founding fathers" The Dutch entrepreneurs couple Watze and Angelique Elsinga-Maarse, that runs since 1995 a company in Zambia. They are at the head of the local Trust. A few years ago with the help of the foundation the first school and then a community center (community hall) has been build. In the meantime we finished the construction of the second school and the teachers accomodation in Kasondi, a village also near Lusaka

Zambia is situated on the southern part of the African continent and is as large as 22 x Netherlands. The country has over 11 million inhabitants. A very important means of livelihood is the export of copper. Moreover, tourism is a significant source of income. Zambia has beautiful natural parks and the Victoria Falls, near Livingstone, are worth a visit.


The members of the Twatasha foundation:

- Harm Lassche (Raalte).
  Brother-in-law of the Dutch entrepreneurs couple (our Founding Fathers). By his regular on-the-spot visits
  he sees whit his own eyes how necessary (primary) education is for the region.
  Without education there is no progress and for the smallest children is the possibillity to follow
  primary education close by essential else great distances have to be made on foot. He sees with his
  own eyes the results and notest that the money paid is used for 100%. A good basic to continue and to
  ensure that the local community will be further developed. A lot of energy will be put in the coming years,
  and the plan to build a new Community Center can be an important link..
- Anne-Marie van Hooijdonk (Emmeloord, The Netherlands):
   Studied cultural anthropology in Amsterdam and is also part-time teacher in elementary education. In 2007
   she spend half a year in Zambia and during the most time she was volunteering at the Twatasha School.
   In the summer holidays of 2008 and 2009 she travelled back to Lusaka and helped at the Twatasha School
   created a holiday programm for all students and started the beginning of a library for young
   and old in the community center.
   Anne-Marie lives since August in Lusaka. For the next 2 years she will teach at the Nederlandse School
- Adriaan Stoop (Oss):
   Has spend many years of his life in African countries. Lived with wife and children
   over 5 years in Nigeria. Now PUMer and thus still regularly found in Africa. The past 7 years he annually
   travels to Lusaka / Zambia. His email address is:

The Twatasha foundation is supported by

We receive funds from the NCDO. NCDO stands for National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development. NCDO involves people in the Netherlands in international cooperation and supports them with information, advice and grants. The NCDO Netherlands doubles money raised from private initiatives to 50% of the eligible costs of the project.